Bun Tin Beans

Bun Tin Beans

We are back from our holiday in England! A grand time was had by all, spending time with friends and family, enjoying events such as picnicking, BBQ food, partying, visiting a fun fair, the seaside and a wildlife park. Food was in abundance – fish and chips, chinese and indian take-away. And Monkey Tea (PG Tips) by the bucket-load. Not to mention the Mr Kiplings, spare Easter Eggs and HobNobs! Oh and a Tesco Finest New York Cheese Cake, and scones with jam, strawberries and cream!  Good job I lost 5lbs in the run up to this trip! <scrubs off all the progress from the Scaredy-Cat-Challenge weight loss chart>

Now we are back home to Germany and it’s time to get back into my “eat like a thin person” attitude!

Seeing as it is Muffin Tin Monday AND part of Bento Summer School’s week 1 homework, I thought I would offer a version of cutely presented typically British food,  link to Muffin Tin Mom’s Monday collection, and try out my new Silicone Cupcake cases, which are from Asda, one of my favourite brit supermarkets. By the way, where I come from, we call it a “bun tray” or a “bun tin”. Buns are cupcakes, fairy cakes or muffins. Not to be confused with a “sticky bun” which generally means a cream cake, such as a “vanilla slice”, “cream doughnut finger” or an “elephant’s foot”.

For this Muffin Tin Meal, I filled the silicon bun cases with baked beans in tomato sauce, some soft boiled eggs and mini toasted “soldiers” for dipping. I shared this with my baby boy, and he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did!

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog subscriptions reading, comments and tweeting, but I have added a couple of new Giveaways to the Bento Contests Page – Let me know if there are any others!

A big Thank You to everyone who sent in a link for the British Themed Bento Event! It was lovely to see the wonderful edible adaptations of all kinds of things British-related! 😀

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