Zigzag Apple and Mac n Cheese bento

Mac n Cheese Bento with Zigzag Apple
Mac n Cheese Bento with Zigzag Apple

Today’s bento is a Mac n Cheese with a Zigzag carved apple and some broccoli and cucumber, with coloured cheese (click for the cheese colouring tutorial) cut into a flower design. This one was served hot, so I had to be quick with the photo before the cheese flowers melted and before the apple started turning brown! It didn’t take very long to do, I just stood and carved the apple while the pasta and broccoli cooked. You will see that there are little bits of green in the Mac n Cheese – that’s because I like to stir some soft broccoli into the cheese sauce. Its a bit of a habit I have when I’m making this dish (we have it very very often) originally because I thought it was a good way to hide the vegetables. But as it turns out both my baby boys love broccoli on its own anyway, which is a blessing! I love to see them enjoying their food, especially when it’s something healthy!

I was doing my WHB (Weekly Home Blessing) this morning and can you believe, my nearly 3 year old was begging me to give him the FlyLady dusters?! I had the big long-handled one and there is a small one that he sometimes gets, and he saw me dusting the shelves and said “Mama, Please. May. I. Have. The other one? Please Mama?” I have been teaching  him to “ask nicely”. My heart just melted!

My fellow Blogger, Flylady and Twitter friend, DianeDenmark has a blog in which every monday is Pamper Day. If you go to her site you can see the previous pamper sessions and get a link to a list of of pampering ideas.

Today my DH bought me a new bedside lamp (the old one was dangerous because little fingers kept trying to take the bulb out) so now I can read again at night.  It will be fitting for me to try to get to bed at a more decent time today (any time before 3am will be an improvement on yesterday LOL) , so I can get my Dan Brown fix! I’m reading “The Lost Symbol”. That will be my pamper, treat or something special to be good to myself, and if I do this for 28 days in a row, then it should become an automatic habit.

There are a lot of things I want to make into habits, like going on my cross trainer and eating smaller portions, and of course getting back into my full FlyLady routines. Some habits that I learned early on (2 years ago?) such as Shining the Sink and doing the Swish and Swipe have always stayed with me, and using the Timer and doing Room Rescues and I’m so thankful for that! Some of the other habits I want to make automatic are the Before Bed Routine (for myself – the kids have had theirs for a long time) and doing more of the Zone Work, Missions, Paperwork and De-Cluttering.  But it is not the best idea for me to try to make these all habits at once, lest I crash and burn! I have to take Baby Steps and just try to learn 1 new habit at a time. “Practise makes Permanent!” Not “Perfect”! This is a swearword on the FlyLady scene!

What I have learned from using FlyLady’s system is that Perfectionism is harmful – it makes us waste time, procrastinate and renders us inefficient. So since I decided to become an “Ex-Perfectionist”  life has become easier! Now I realise that we mere mortals can never be perfect, good enough will have to do! As the Flylady says, “Housework done improperly still blesses your family!”

It’s amazing how this attitude toward perfectionism, or imperfectionism should I say, affects daily life, in every single way, not just the household chores. I definitely have accomplished so much since becoming free of the burden of Perfectionism! It’s made me a braver person! I can “Dive In” and give something a shot, knowing that the end result will not be Perfect but I’m still ready and willing to accept those results, knowing that everything can be improved upon, little by little, step by step, day by day without having to have the end result perfect there and then. For an impatient person such as myself, that is an astonishing achievement!

Especially this year, I have learned how to do some html, some css, make squidoo lenses, use a feed reader, use a WordPress blog and install plugins, use my camera phone to send photos via wifi email (first time I’ve been able to get a phone to do more than text and phonecalls LOL) , and of course still make time to do something that could be considered my Pamper Time – Bento Making (and blogging about it!) – it’s my creative outlet, a hobby that I do for my pleasure and relaxation whilst at the same time blessing my family by providing cute looking healthy food, which is a bonus! 😀 AND the house has not had to go to wrack and ruin in the meantime!

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