Leprechaun Bento

leprechaun bento
leprechaun bento

Today’s bento is a Leprechaun because tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! St Patrick’s Day, to me, conjures up images from Irish Folklore, such as shamrocks, greenery, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, leprechauns and Pints of Guinness! In reality, however, the origins of St. Patrick’s day can be found here

Before I started, I printed out this picture from a tutorial on how to draw a leprechaun on dragoart.com

This bento was made in a rush as I was preparing the evening meal, and things were starting to burn, kids were yelling for food and I didn’t have time in the end to put any Shamrocks or much else on so it is just a base of green rice, the Leprechaun made out of cheese, brown bread and Nori, and some brocolli as “Baran” dividing the Leprechaun from the 3 pints of Guinness. (So this bento is eligible for Hapabento’s B.O.M.B!) All the green apart from the brocolli is food colouring -I even forgot to put the green grapes on!

But it’s ok! Part of my personal development is to let go of any negative perfectionism, and be happy with “Good Enough” instead of agonizing over every last perfect detail. Job done :o) Happy St. Paddy’s Day!