Weepul Bento Sandwich Topper

Weepul Bento
Weepul Bento

I was looking at Bentovention’s site the other day and noticed that her Makkuro Kurosuke (Susuwatari) bento characters reminded me of those Weepul pom-pom stickers that you used to see everywhere in the 80’s.


So I thought I would make my own “Weepul sticker” out of rice and cheese! I coloured the rice purple by mixing red and blue food colouring, made the eyes from some egg white and used a hole punch on the Nori seaweed for the pupils. The cheese letters for “Have a nice lunch” were cut free hand using my pergamano needle pen. You can learn how I do my cheese colouring on my Cheese Food Colouring Bento Tutorial

This was fun and simple to do and although it’s not really a full bento today, it’s still a nice Sandwich Topper decoration to brighten up lunch! I have put this on “What’s for Lunch Wednesday” – Go have a look it’s like a bento party where you can show off your Wednesday Bento!

Did you know? I love puzzles! I love rubiks cubes, logic problems, jigsaws etc. I also love Moroccan Tilework which is called “Zelij” or (Zellij / Zellig / Zellige).  I wanted to try and do some kind of swirly mosaic and was entranced by this “How to draw Zellij” Tutorial

Islamic Tile

I ended up reading about Wang tiles / Wang Dominoes and aperiodic tiling, Penrose tiles and Quasicrystals…!

rhombsTo keep things simple, I decided to go with these Penrose Tiles to make a “tile and dart” design, from coloured cheese. It was only to experiment and play really, but I ended up making it into a Bento by adding some of the home made pizza and Ginger and Choc Chip cookies (from my trusty Be-Ro recipe Book!) that I had made previously the same day.

Penrose Tiles bento
Penrose Tiles bento

Happy Anti-Procrastination Day! Here is the special pen I use to cut my cheese:

Manga / Anime bento

manga anime bento
manga anime bento

This is from weeks ago – must have forgotten to click “published” as I found it in my drafts… weird

I’ve been a fan of the manga / anime style for a few years. I learnt how to draw a basic manga face from a “How to Draw Manga” book, a few years ago. I haven’t drawn or sketched in a long time, but I decided to see if I could refresh my memory and make a Manga style cartoon character out of cheese for my bento. So I had some fun this afternoon, with my parchment pergamano perforating pen, and of course lashings of food colouring. I made a caulifower in cheese sauce to sit at the right hand side in a scooped out green pepper (not having any lettuce again, and having run out of broccoli… sigh! ) Then there was not much room for much fruit, just a few apple segments. Today nothing went right really, because the dishwasher wouldn’t work – Put it on last night but it just sat there defiantly refusing to wash the pots, so this morning I had to either wash everything by hand (not my style!) or wait for it to get fixed…so the pots are still waiting to be rescued from their filthy state, and I have to keep going in there to get a spoon or plate or whatever to wash it by hand… I suppose I will have to eventually get the whole lot out and do it. Can’t someone else do it?! And then my camera kept taking fuzzy/blurry pics… yeah I know a bad workman blames his tools…but I can’t understand why I have been able to get crisp photos in the past and now I can’t. Winge over! I must remember to be grateful that I have the priviledge of hot running water, a luxury that I often take for granted. In some countries, they have to wash their pots using water pumped from a well, if they even have access to water that is. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Maybe I WILL go and wash those pots now and stop being so ungrateful! 😀

Lion and Kawaii Mushroom Bento

Lion and Kawaii Mushroom Bento
Lion and Kawaii Mushroom Bento

I have 3 boxes that I use for Bento making, but 1 is currently with a friend and the other 2 have disappeared. But I found a small container and thought I would give it a try, thinking it would make a cute snack bento. It is only 0.3l ! It just fits in my hand! So I started by lining it with lettuce – I only needed to use a couple of leaves! Then I put a rice onigiri mushroom in, using a tube of apple for the stalk, a ball of tuna mayo for the lion’s head and chicken cocktail sausages for the mane and hearts. I used apple and carrots for decoration. The faces are Nori, cut with my best bento tool, a pergamano needle pen! You can get an idea about the relative size of this bento from the apple!

Guest Post from Mombento

This bento is a Guest Post from Mombento on Livejournal.

I wanted to do another spring themed bento, because the weather is so very lovely here in the Netherlands at the moment. It’s a dinner bento because tomorrow me and my little girl go to a birthday party in the afternoon and I probably won’t have too much time to cook. So this bento is for my five year old and she’ll be having it for tea.

Hapbee Happy Bee Bento
Hapbee Bento

I made some lovely vegetable and tofu curry, which tastes great but didn’t look pretty enough for bento. So I put it under a thin layer of jasmine rice. I lined the box with lettuce, carrots and radishes. The happy bee is made of two coloured egg sheets and nori. The nori was so hard to put on the egg. For some reason it kept curling up… I made eggs with flower shaped yolks with my favourite kitchen tool: the “dreamland egg shaper”. This is a shaper that can turn the yolk of hard boiled eggs into the shape of diamonds, hearts, flowers and stars. I love it. But: cleaning the thing is a lot of work. A LOT of work.

dreamland egg shaper
dreamland egg shaper

My husband doesn’t understand that I spend over an hour boiling eggs. He certainly has a point there but……..well bento-ing isn’t about time saving, is it?

Mombento has  her own blog on Livejournal – please click here to go there!

I’m a Little Teapot Bento

teapot bento
I'm a little teapot, short and stout!

Today is my last full day at home before I whisk my kids off to England for a week to see their grandparents!

Of course I can’t wait to be there, but the journey is usually a nightmare. This time however, I am looking forward to seeing how the Trunki works out for us.

The Trunki is this fantastic Ride on/pull along Suitcase for toddlers and small kids. (3 different colours available here)  And it has these horns that they grab on to for handles and push it along with their feet. The strap


comes off and you can pull them on it too, or you can pick it up and wear it like a satchel, or they can! This is suitable in size for hand-luggage too, so the lucky kid (in my case my 2.5 year old! The one I always refer to a toddler who is fast becoming a boy, sniff sniff, I can’t call him my toddler any longer really. In fact my baby is not really a baby any more – he’s already 13 months now so really he should be the one I refer to as the toddler!) gets to keep all his toys, games,

hand made sock bunny
home made hand made sock bunny

colouring in book and comfort bunny for the whole journey!

Well anyway, sorry about that confusing side note interrupting there! Back to the bento blog!

Recently we have been watching some fun YouTube music videos for kids and this one caught my eye as something cute and cheerful that could be “bentofied”!

The children’s nursery rhyme goes like this:

I’m a little teapot, short and stout

Here’s my handle, here’s my spout!

When I see the tea-cups,

Hear me shout –

“Tip me over and pour me out!”

I made the teapot out of a big onigiri pressed rice ball, and the spout, handle and lid from cheese. I forgot to put the lid on, but if I’d put it on it probably would have fallen off anyway, because (and I should know this by now!) trying to get things to stick on the curved surface of the 3d rice ball is often disastrous for me! It is much easier to make the ball then flatten it down so you have a nice flat surface or “canvas” to work on. Well anyway I managed to get the spout and mouth to stick on with a bit of mayonnaise “glue”!

Close up teapot and cup
Close up teapot and cup

The cup is a strawberry hollowed out and filled with yogurt, which kinda makes me feel all gooey inside!In fact it makes me want to make a whole tea set from strawberries, cherries and other sweet kawaii fruits! 😀

This really did not take long to do, despite trying to cut cheese while suffering a bout of the hiccups! I made the little strawberry cup while the rice was cooking, and prepared the tuna fish and mayo, and lined the bento box with salad, all while the rice was cooking. I am using another new type of lettuce today – this kind had black tinged leaves… what do you think to it? I have never seen this kind before!

Seeing as I will not be around to make bento, I am so excited to announce that have invited some of my fellow bento friends from the online bento making community to make a Guest Post here every so often while I am gone. So please don’t forget to come back (subscribe now before you forget!) and please welcome the mystery Guests of Honour on the Bento Box Blog page! Watch this Space!