New Kawaii Bento Club Launches Today!

Kawaii Bento ClubHow exciting! There is a new Bento Club for bento enthusiasts over at Squidoo!

The Kawaii Bento Club Launched literally a few minutes ago, and I am at the Facebook/Twitter/Squidoo Launch party now, eating choccie easter bunnies and drinking diet coke in celebration of this wonderful new Bento Club.

Here you can create your own Bento “Lens” which is a fancy name for a one page website, but you can create as many as you want and it’s all very user friendly!  At the Kawaii Bento Club you can use the Kawaii Bento Page Wizard creator, so sharing your bento photos, pics, links, tips, tricks, and achievements is all made simple!

There are already some pages on there, why not go Check them out now on Kawaii Bento Club brand new HeadQuarters! It’s so new, you can still smell the paint! :o)

The Kawaii Bento Club Leader is Briton, an adventurous mom whose appreciation for cute and healthy food led to her passion for bento. You can follow her on Twitter as @KawaiiBentoClub

Why not join the Kawaii Bento Club on Facebook too?

Right, I’d better get back to the party! Maybe I’ll see if Briton has any kawaii vol-au-vents on the go! 😀