Luxury Rainbow cake

rainbow cake wm 2

rainbow cake wm

rainbow cake wm3

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Barney Bento

Barney Bento
Barney Bento

His claws fell off LOL!

This is called “Bento Barney AKA “E Numbers surprise!”

There is only food colouring in the rice and on a bit of the cheese, (oh and on the apple to make the kawaii mushroom!) but the rest is all natural stuff – sultanas, cherries, carrot, cheese, orange and apple.

This was fun to make but from making it to eating it took about 1 hour, inc cleaning the kitchen up.

I’m quite keen not to waste food, so all the little scraps of cheese and apple and carrot have to be eaten (by me as I’m preparing the bento) – I cannot bring myself to throw good food away! This was a delicious Bento, especially with a drizzle of light soy sauce… even my toddler thought so! He loved the cherry and orange skewer too!

Barney Bento

My first ever bento!

egg bento

Don’t laugh! I’m a Bento Virgin!

This Bento Plate consists of rice in a rectangle, with carrots cut into shapes and sliced gherkins, with a slice of cheese rolled up and cut into spirals, and a boiled egg with a wedge cut out for its mouth. Then I put 2 blobs of food colouring on for the eyes, but it was a bit too big a blob on one side and it went a bit runny. So I’ll try to find a better way to do the eyes next time. The black circle is a Jaffa Cake. I made this Bento for my toddler. He thought it was funny and played with it more than ate any of it!

I now have a new site called Bento Box ! Please visit and tell me what you think!