E.T. Bento

ET Bento
ET Bento

Today’s bento, also in the category of Sci Fi / Aliens / Paranormal is ET! He is made from cheese and placed on nori on top of a  pressed rice disc. This is on top of tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. I used a long piece of cucumber as a baran divider, which is topped with egg white dots.

The other side contains some marbled rice balls as planets which I made by adding a drop of food colouring to the white rice before molding then into shape in cling film.  There are some carrot space ships on the food pick and a cucumber fan, a boiled egg and some lettuce as further decoration. The ET sign/logo is cheese on red pepper.

I have a new way to cut cheese! I used a parchmenting perforating needle pen, from the days when I used to do Pergamano! I actually was never much good at doing the pergamano but the perforating pen had been knocking around in various pencil case and is one of the things I am forever confiscating from my toddler who likes to climb up and get into my craft supplies! So now this item will go into my bento tools! It works like a dream for doing finely cut letters / shapes! Thanks to Pikko from Adventures in Bentomaking who showed how to cut cheese precisely with a toothpick – this is a version of this, just with a finer cutting point. Pikko also gave me the idea to be able to cut the nori very finely with micro-tip scissors or her latest LOST bento.

I am jealous of people who already own the Nori punches, as I am forever wanting to cut tiny dots for the pupils of eyes etc, but now I have found that by using this perforating needle pen carefully, I can also cut out a circle from nori! So until I get round to ordering the nori face punches, I will be content to use this new Pikko cheese cutting method adapted for nori too!

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