Bento Scarecrow

bento Scarecrow
Bento Scarecrow

Today’s bento is a scarecrow! I was inspired by a picture I saw in a children’s scrapbooking article at a friend’s house. Sadly I don’t recall the name of the author of the book, otherwise I would credit them here for giving me the idea for an unusual bento design. No copyright infringement intended in anyway!

To make this bento I started by hollowing out an eggplant / aubergine and then I used the skin to make the Scarecrow’s trousers. I also made the hat and the boots out of the aubergine skin. The face and hands and legs are cheese. The mouth is from aubergine skin and I used the apple corer to cut 2 curves to get the smile. The eyes are made from the skin also, and I used the casing of a ball point pen to cut the small circles! The shirt is made of plain white sliced bread. The buttons are carrots, and the scarf and pocket/patch are made from a cross hatched apple. The straw coming out of the hat and sleeves are made from the crust of the bread and “fringed”

The nose and the little heart design on the trouser leg is tomato skin.

This was really fun to make. I added the innards of the aubergine to a frying pan with a little salt and fried it up to put in the rice, which I used as a bed to set the scarecrow design down on top of.

It would have been cool to put the face on like this Henohenomoheji face on it, like “Just Bento” described here in this post Wikipedia Henohenomoheji

But I can’t attempt that until I get some Nori, which is very difficult for me to get hold of here in Germany – maybe I’m not looking in the right places!