Cootie Mama Bento and Babies

Cootie bento
Cootie bento

Here are some “Cooties” to eat for lunch! Cooties (typically in the USA) means bugs, germs or infectious disease microbes, usually yelled out by kids in the playground “He’s got Cooties!!”

In England, where I come from, they generally shout “She’s got Bugs!” or “He’s got Lurgy Bugs!” 😀

I was in a gadget shop the other day looking at Fathers Day Gifts and I saw a Compact Microscope and on the label it said “there are more microscopic organisms in 1 teaspoon of soil than there are people in the world”. So it made me ponder and marvel at the awesomeness of our planet, the universe and the creations in it.

I have recently been watching Prof. Brian Cox (who started his career as a Rock Star in band D’Ream!) on his BBC series The Wonders of the Solar System. I’d highly recommend it – he’s a particle physicist who can explain science in a fascinating and easy to understand way.

Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds is thrilling to watch too. There is a video on youtube showing how to engrave a single strand of hair using an atomic laser.  You might have better luck than me at finding it – the only one I found was unavailable outside of the UK… (copyrights, nuff respect!!)

Here is one that will make you itch!

Back to my bento. My Mama Cootie or Microbe is made from a hard boiled egg cut in half for the head and tail, with processed meat and cheese for the body, and the baby cooties are made from stuffed green olives with cheese and nori seaweed eyes!

This is my homework assignment for week 2 of Bento Summer School! I have joined the KBC Cootie Club too ! 😀

Good night, sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite LOL 😀

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(edit: this is now on What’s for Lunch Wednesdays too!)