A Bento for Buzz!

BUZZ is bringing people together from all over the world!

Buzz Bento
Buzz Bento click to enlarge

This Bento is made up of global ingredients!  Rice at the left side, and to the right is an Iraqi dish called Tapsi which is Aubergines, onions, red pepper and tomatoes, with green beans.

Then, on top there are some Chinese baby sweetcorns, a carrot flower, some Sicilian style garlic cloves, 2 baby tomatoes and a baby red pepper stuffed with soft cheese. The green “grass” is German water cress.

And a BUZZY Bee Choc to complete the theme!

The Dessert is:

Fruit Dessert Bento
Fruit Dessert Bento

A simple fruit selection with Apple slices, fresh strawberries and banana chunky slices. The 3 strawberries in the top left corner are perched on top of a scoop of ice-cream. I know you can’t normally have ice-cream in a bento, but this was being served straight away.

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