Butterfly bento

Butterfly Bento
Butterfly Bento

Today’s Bento is a butterfly! I made this for my nextdoor neighbour, who likes butterflies! She had never seen bento / charaben before and was so excited to find out more about what they are and how to make them. She is a big LOST fan too so I promptly pointed her in the direction of Pikko’s site (Adventures in Bento Making) where all her LOST tribute bentos are and she was LOST for words at the amazingness of the characters and the themes!

This butterfly is cheese with food colouring, and I used a butterfly shaped cookie cutter to cut out the butterfly shape, and cut the body, face and antennae freehand, using sesame seeds for eyes. The brown food colouring was a nightmare really and ended up going all over everything, including the rice onigiri flat disc underneath and I somehow managed to get it on my WHITE zip up top, my hands and my camera phone! (I only ever wear white when I am going to be doing something messy¬† – usually eating spaghetti bolognaise! – Seriously – I need a bib!) You will see there is some extra cucumber behind his “antlers” which is my cunning way to hide some of the food colouring drips! This was a mistake because I ended up knocking his face off and making a worse mess and had to re cut the antlers again when one of them ripped in half. Underneath the onigiri disc is, guess what? Yes. Tuna mayo! Not that I am becoming predictable or anything LOL !

Oh, by the way, I made this new Bento Digest squidoo page, which is an RSS feed of a selection of Bento Blogs constantly updating to show the last 3¬† Blog Posts, (Entitled “Bento-Digest”, subtitled “A Collection, Collation and Curation of the Best Bento Blogs”) so in case you haven’t got your own Feed Reader set up, you can just go to this page and keep up to date with what is happening in the online bento community! If you want to set up your own Feed Reader you can just go to Google Reader and log in with your Google account and then press “Add a subscription” then copy the website address and paste into the “Add a subscription” box and then Google will look for the feed for you. Or if the site you are viewing has the orange RSS feed symbol, you can click on that and add it to your favourite feed reader that way. For example if you click here to subscribe to my site, it should ask you if you want it adding to your Google Reader or your iGoogle homepage. Why would you want to do this? In my day, if you liked a person’s website, you would save the webpage in your bookmarks or favourites and then next time you were online, you would go through your list of favourites (if you remembered!) to see if any of the blogs had got new posts on. Well, nowadays, with Google Reader or other Feed Readers and the power of RSS Feeds, all you do is log in and then you will see a list of all your favourite blogs and (similiarly to your email inbox) it will put a number in brackets at the side of each blog to show how many new posts there are. So you don’t need to visit a website and be disappointed to find out they haven’t posted anything new for the last however many days. (Like me today – 4 days have gone by without an update, sorry folks!) If you are interested in finding out how you can keep up to date with all the current online bento news and articles in other ways too, check out How to Make Friends in the Online Bento Community which lists and details a variety of places you can loiter and linger to get the bento low-down !

I went shopping today and got carrots, eggs and lettuce, so I am well stocked now – I have not been able to make much of anything recently due to being low on supplies – we had fishfingers and chips for tea today – not that I am complaining – it’s one of my most favourite meals, just not very healthy!

Well my nextdoor neighbour is going to lend me her LOST dvds, so once I have finished watching Ally McBeal (Yes I am living in the 90’s obviously!) then I can try to do some serious catching up to find out what all the back story is and find out who all these intruiging characters are that Pikko so immaculately immortalises in cheese and seaweed! And dare I say it, get some minutes on my cross trainer to shift some pounds and get me a bit fitter, by God’s Will.