Mushrooms or Toadstools

Mushrooms and Toadstools bento
Mushrooms and Toadstools bento

This is spaghetti in cheesy-tomato sauce or should that be tomato-ey cheese sauce? The grapes are scooped out and balanced on top of sticks of white tinned cheese (TINNED?! CHEESE?!) Yes! Cheese from in a tin, in brine. I was horrified too when I first saw it, but I have come to eat it with fond memories of my honeymoon in Denmark! I don’t know if this is a particularly European kind of cheese though – I haven’t seen this kind in England before, only Greek Feta but that is from sheep’s or goat’s milk, I believe. This cheese is from cow’s milk and it’s quite salty. I got this from a shop that sells mostly Turkish produce and it has Turkish writing on the tin.

The Babybel is balanced up there as well on the cheese sticks and the little round white dots are cut out from the white cheese with a drinking straw.

Weight Loss Scaredy-Cat-Challenge: I have put on a pound since I last posted but I expect that is just from finally re-hydrating myself, so nothing special to report other than it’s back to business as usual with the small portions and being sensible with particularly fatty / greasy food (although I will admit that I found some frozen Indian Paratha’s, which taste like puff pastry and I fried a couple up as a snack. So we know where the extra pound came from don’t we hehe!)
So I need to lose that 1 back and then 1 further pound then I will be halfway towards my goal of losing 26lbs.

We went to see Toy Story 3 at the cinema at the weekend in 3D! I was amazed at the 3D effects. I wasn’t too amazed by the price of the tickets, especially when I thought we’d booked to see it in English and it turned out to be in German, but despite that, a good time was had by all and my 3 yr old managed to sit through the trailers and the whole film without toilet breaks, fidgeting, wandering off, moaning or complaining, so I was amazed. That was our first ever time at the cinema in Germany and the first ever cinema visit for the kids. My 18mth old managed to get to 30 mins before the end before starting to cry so DH had to take him out. Overall I was really glad we went – it was fun and a new experience and nice to spend time together as a family. On top of that, we had a lovely meal afterwards in an Iraqi restaurant / kebab house.

It’s been a busy time recently – my son has been learning to ride a bike (with stabilisers) which was fun and cute, especially where I got him on video saying “I can’t Mama, I can’t, I can’t!” then the next minute – “I DOING it Mamaaaaa!!! I DOING it!”

I have done some online shopping and had deliveries going here, there and everywhere. One of the fragile things I got from Amazon was broken so I had to get a new printer so I could print out the returns paperwork. Total justification for getting a WI-FI printer, scanner, copier all in one, 🙂 It’s a SX510W Epson Stylus all in one. Was impressed with how easy it was to set up the Wi-Fi and my DH can print from his laptop wirelessly as well.  Thanks to the kid who put a drill bit in the old one thus rendering it destroyed. All’s well that ends well. 😀

Well, it will be if I can replace the broken Amazon item. Uh-Oh, I feel a Scaredy-Cat Challenge coming on…! I’d better psyche myself up to go to the German Post office to ship this package back…

Last time we went to the Post Office it was a complete nightmare – they had a Wendy-house thing made of cardboard – some kind of advert for house insurance or something, and my son kept hiding in it and knocking the chimney off it. It took us hours to get out and ended with me “betraying my cool exterior” and dragging him kicking and screaming out of the Post Office with everyone gasping in disgust, shock and horror! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go back there!! Can’t I stay here?! Can’t someone else do it?! Maybe if I order a pizza, the delivery guy will take it back with him…. nice excuse to order Pizza LOL and a pretty good way to upsell on the Pizzas… offering a courier / forwarding service! now there’s a neat idea! Seriously!

Not in England though because the Post Offices are becoming extinct and “communities” need them so they can buy  tokens for British Gas’s abominable Pre-Pay system, collect the “Giro” and get the DVLA tax disc for the car windscreen…. or the mobility scooter if it goes more than 4mph!!!.  Oh and don’t forget the bottle of bubbles with a little maze on the lid.  Not stamps, because no-one sends letters any more do they?!  I worked at a place once where I actually bought a franking machine with the company’s money to save us having to trudge to the Post Office and stand there waiting for the boxes to be weighed and labelled up. Shudder. So I admit I am guilty of playing my part in helping to get them extinctified.

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Happy Anti Procrastination Day!