Alien bento

Alien bento
Alien bento

Today’s bento is part of the Aliens / UFOs / paranormal / Sc-Fi theme. It contains a “Grey” alien made from pressed rice (not grey as in the colour, rather “Grey” as in the type of alien) a rice kawaii mushroom, a carrot and egg kawaii mushroom on a circle of pressed rice and nori, a Surimi fishstick on a food pick, a rice “baran” border with nori stars, an egg and nori “planet” and a spiral cut mini orange with some morello cherries and banana in the fruit section. I also used some pieces of red pepper for added colour and decoration. Underneath the carrot mushroom on the Onigiri circle is egg mayo with carrot mixed in, which is a new discovery – I made this the other day with some other left over bento food, and it was totally delicious. The carrot gives a wonderful crunch to the creamy egg.

This took ages to make (about 1 hour 45) but that includes a kitchen clean up too.

I can’t wait to share this with my toddler at lunch time tomorrow!

First day of Spring: Alien Bento

Spring alien bento
Spring alien bento

One of my baby’s toys has a little dinosaur hatching out of an egg, and it gave me an idea to make a little creature hatching out of an egg. Well it is the first day of Spring today after all! It ended up looking like an alien so I decided to make the scenery a bit like an alien planet!

The alien is a couple of cherry tomatoes with a nori face, and he is sitting in a hollowed out boiled egg.  The Antennae or feelers are food picks which actually go right through his head and body to keep the 2 secured together. I used an icing piping bag to get the rice into the cone shape – I have run out of cling film (saran wrap) so I had to find an alternative way of shaping the rice into a compressed shape! I thought it would look good as part of the alien planet scenery. I wish now that I had thought to put some little spots on it to make it a bit more kawaii and decorative! I think I will try doing that another day, as I really like this shape – seems quite unusual.  The ground is grated cheese with blue food colouring and the rest is banana, baby orange, more tomatoes and cucumber.

I managed to get some height with the cucumbers at the right hand side by cutting a line along the radius of each cucumber circle then folding them round into a cone shape and securing it on a food pick. I did this with 3 of them.

I am going to start putting a watermark or id on my images like a lot of other Bento-ists are doing. Does anyone have any tips for doing this? The way I found is by using Irfanview, clicking on Batch, then Advanced, Add Overlay Text, then Settings. (You can download Irfanview for free from here.)

I really love the way the watermark has been done on this Giraffe bento by Bentolicious. I haven’t figured out how she did this yet, but I am guessing it was done with something more sophisticated that Microsoft Paint which is what I used to put my title on! If you are reading, Lia, how did you do it?!

Reading this article on Biggie’s site, entitled “Know your worth” prompted me to get my images watermarked, as this article points out the risks of your images being used without giving you credit for it. An interesting read which also discusses what to do if you are approached by someone who wants to use your recipes or photos to compile a book, without being sold short. So special thanks to Biggie for sharing this important info.

Have a great weekend Folks!

Edit: This bento has been entered into the Spring 2010 bento contest on

The Spring 2010 Bento Contest is sponsored jointly by FrenchBento, JustBento and the supplier of the great prizes, Bento&co – who have just launched the English version of their site!