2nd Sept 2014

New Service available from Bento Box! Please enquire about our engraving service. Glassware can be personalised with art or calligraphy. Call or text 07854 588744. Some pictures of the engraving is here Engraving service

3rd August 2014

Now taking orders for Christmas!! call or text 07854 588744 or contact me via my Facebook Page called Bento Box Cakes

24th June 2014

flyer google docs

23rd May 2014

Good News! my hygiene rating has arrived! Level 5 – top award!

hygiene rating

12th May 2014

Fantastic news! My Hygiene Inspection Rating is on its way to me! Should be able to announce it within 10 days! My interview and inspection went very well so I can’t wait to get my Hygiene Rating green stars window sticker!! Watch this space!! I can now officially sell my baked goods to the public as well as friends and family, as confirmed by the Environmental Health Officer from my Local Authority, RMBC 🙂 Think I will celebrate by making some Muffins 🙂 Please call or text 07854 588744 to place an order!

8th May 2014

lemon muffins new! For a zesty refreshing change… Lemon topping, with Extra Special Sicilian Lemon Essence !

choc rose and vanilla rose Vanilla rose and choc rose topped muffins, order by the dozen, why not mix and match with a friend? thank you so much for the orders, keep them coming!

18th April 2014

chochipmuffins Quite a nice little bit of news! My Choc Chip Muffins and Choc Swirl Muffins are now on sale at Select and Save, Birchwood Ave, Rawmarsh. Why not pop in and tuck in to a little bit of BH weekend bliss ?

7th April 2014

I am now taking orders for Celebration cakes, marzipan toppers, cakes and buns for afternoon teas, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes! Please use the enquiry form or call 07854 588744 for more info!

Marzipan cake toppers
marzipan cake toppers
birthday cakes
wedding cakes
Afternoon Teas
afternoon teas
Butterfly buns
butterfly buns
Food Storage
food storage
Mini Bento Boxes
Storage Solutions

29th January 2014

kitchen accessories
kitchen accessories
kitchen accessories

24th January 2014

Clean those dusty blinds!

dusty blinds

The stain that will not budge!
stain remover
Remove marks on leather sofas
Remove annoying dust from monitors
monitor cleaner
Bring your paintwork back to life
scuff cleaner
Clean Those Ugly Cup Stains
clean cup stains
Trussell Trust
food bank
Cancer Research UK
cancer research
Women for Conservation
women for conservation

14th January 2014

Outdoor cleaning
kitchen accessories
Garden maintenance and planting
Car Accessories
bright ideas

6th January 2014

Bags and Purses
kitchen accessories
Anti Aging
Exercise and well-being
bright ideas
Bathing Accessories
Health and medication aids
food preparation
food storage
Magnetic Therapy
Storage Solutions

14th July 2013

Women’s T-Shirts
womens t-shirts
Men’s T-Shirts
mens t-shirts
Kid’s T-Shirts
kids t-shirts
Hoodies and Hats
hoodies and hats
JList originals
jlist originals
kawaii socks
Kawaii bags
kawaii bags

Check out these Kimono

22 June 2013

Any easy Japanese dishes for bento? – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
Try this Gordon Ramsay recipe… RED MULLET WITH SWEET CHILLI SAUCE you don’t need mullet you can sub any fish in it’s place. What I love…

17th May 2013

Sadly the
Irina Richards: Bento Workshop has been CANCELLED

02 September 2010 – Back to School

After a long break from doing Bento making, I am back to maintain my blog, site and shop!  The latest blog post is here, inspired by the Munich Oktoberfest and the one from yesterday is here – a Rubiks Cube Bento

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I will be updating the latest Bento contests, events and giveaways as soon as possible. Let me know if there are any current ones that I have not yet mentioned!

21st June 2010 – Asfora is back from holiday!

I’m back from holiday! The latest blog post is here, a contribution to the Muffin Tin Monday and the Bento Summer School week 1 homework! Go to Bun Tin Beans now

You can now send Bento E-Card greetings! Try it out here!

Check out the latest Bento contests, events and giveaways

10th June 2010
Uk Flag

New! British Theme Bento Event

Send in your British Themed bento pics! Details here!

The comments are now working correctly again, sorry it took so long! I will try to do my replies asap!

You can also view bentos by category type now – see the right hand side!

6th June 2010

The Bento Supplies Shop now has new items added! Buy Bento items now!

The Contests page has been updated – be sure not to miss the competitions and giveaways!

Save money and make your own Bento Sealed Sandwich Maker

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17th May 2010

The Contests page has been updated – be sure not to miss the competitions and giveaways!

Please visit my new page, which has Links to Bento Articles, Tips, Tricks and Tutorials, Bento Shopping and the Bento Blog Directory has now been moved there too.

The BlogRoll now only shows 5 Blogs, which are randomly generated from my blog subscriptions, and is changed and updated every time the page is refreshed.

11th May 2010

The Contests page has been updated – be sure not to miss the competitions and giveaways!

Don’t miss the Bento Digest – all the latest news and articles from the online bento world

Check out my  Cheese Colouring Tutorial!

2nd May 2010

Bento Box Blog is now sponsored by Tym 4 Pets 😀

New techniques learnt this week – making coloured egg sheets on my robot bento, making cheese crisps and a swan from a tomato, and using the japanese switchback cut method

The Bento Digest is an automatically updated magazine with the latest blog posts from the finest, hand-selected Bento Blogs, don’t miss it!

Check out the “Bento World” page – it is new!

This week I learnt how Stumbleupon works! And it is brilliant! I love it! If  I make a bento that you think is worthy of sharing, please feel free to Stumble it

29th April 2010

New features

Take a trip down into the Archives!

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Check out the Bento Digest, an automatically updated magazine with the latest blog posts from the finest, hand-selected Bento Blogs!

Don’t forget to check the latest Contests and Giveaways!

18th April 2010

Asfora is back!

We managed to get back home to Germany before all the UK and German Airports started shutting down due to the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud. We are so blessed to be home and safe.  A week of bento catch up is here on my Squidoo Lens. A special Thank You to everyone who sent in the wonderful Guest Posts. There are now some new tabs on the home page “Games” which features links to some of the cutest games around and “Harajuku” which is a new promo page for Harajuku Lovers Perfume which I fell in love with while on my trip to England! The Bento Supplies page has also been given a new look to make it easier to navigate and you get to see more products “at a glance” ! Why not check it out now?

7th April 2010

Asfora has left the building!

I am going away for a week, but I am hoping to keep my blog updated courtesy of my honoured Guest Posters! Please keep checking to see new styles, new ideas, new ingredients, along with tips and tricks for wonderful, exciting and fun bento-making, lovingly shared by my online bento friends! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Thank you very much to all who have offered to “look after my hamster” :o)

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New Bento Blog Directory (Link Exchange)

Do you have a Bento Blog? Would you like it listing here? Let me know! Simply leave a comment below requesting for your blog to be added to the directory and add a link on your page to mine. Don’t be shy! As long as you regularly make bentos and blog about them, I will be happy to add you to the directory. Alternatively you can send me a message on Twitter, Buzz, Facebook etc. All my contact info is on the About Page

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