Manga / Anime bento

manga anime bento
manga anime bento

I’ve been a fan of the manga / anime style for a few years. I learnt how to draw a basic manga face from a “How to Draw Manga” book, a few years ago. I haven’t drawn or sketched in a long time, but I decided to see if I could refresh my memory and make a Manga style cartoon character out of cheese for my bento.

So I had some fun this afternoon, with my parchment pergamano perforating pen, and of course lashings of food colouring. I made a caulifower in cheese sauce to sit at the right hand side in a scooped out green pepper (not having any lettuce again, and having run out of broccoli… sigh! ) Then there was not much room for much fruit, just a few apple segments.

Today nothing went right really, because the dishwasher wouldn’t work – Put it on last night but it just sat there defiantly refusing to wash the pots, so this morning I had to either wash everything by hand (not my style!) or wait for it to get fixed…so the pots are still waiting to be rescued from their filthy state, and I have to keep going in there to get a spoon or plate or whatever to wash it by hand… I suppose I will have to eventually get the whole lot out and do it. Can’t someone else do it?!

And then my camera kept taking fuzzy/blurry pics… yeah I know a bad workman blames his tools…but I can’t understand why I have been able to get crisp photos in the past and now I can’t. Winge over! I must remember to be grateful that I have the priviledge of hot running water, a luxury that I often take for granted. In some countries, they have to wash their pots using water pumped from a well, if they even have access to water that is. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Maybe I WILL go and wash those pots now and stop being so ungrateful! 😀

Japan Society Bento Battle Entry

Bento Battle Entry
Bento Battle Entry

Today’s bento is my entry for the Japan Society Virtual Bento Box Battle.

This bento creation pays homage to Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as a Ghost, 1851 from

Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters:  The Arthur R. Miller Collection

Click here to see the original, and scroll along to the 5th one. Hopefully you will recognise which one I was trying to do!

This “ghost” is made from pressed rice, (onigiri) with nori detail, on a bed of rice and cucumber, and I put a blob of red pepper puree for the wound on his neck!

I used a carrot baran divider and the other side features pan-fried chicken, broccoli, grapes, apple slices and mini orange segments.

You still have time to enter the Virtual bento battle, as the deadline is the 31st March, so get your rice cookers out, get your bento chopping, cutting and moulding tools out and go for it! Not only will you have lots of fun in your kitchen, but you will also be making a healthy meal for you or your loved ones, and you may even be able to win one of the top 3 prizes!

To see the entry guidelines and how to enter the Japan Society Virtual Bento Box Battle, click here!

My bento friends have entered this competition too, with these entries, please check them out, they are all fantastic!

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Snails with Sunglasses bento

snails with sunglasses bento
snails with sunglasses bento

Today’s bento was quite a quick one with no planning really – I just had to make some lunch and found some large pasta snail shells (lumaconi) in my cupboard that I thought would be tasty with tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. So I made them into snails with sunglasses on (nori stars) and cucumber bodies. Here they are munching on the carrots, turning them into flowers.  Sorry about the photo, it came out a bit blurry today!

To see step-by-step instructions on how to make this bento, please visit my new “Squidoo page”  Thanks especially to @gotfaeries / @kawaiibentoclub on Twitter for introducing me to Squidoo. Check out the Kawaii Bento Club on Facebook too, it’s brand new!

E.T. Bento

ET Bento
ET Bento

Today’s bento, also in the category of Sci Fi / Aliens / Paranormal is ET! He is made from cheese and placed on nori on top of a  pressed rice disc. This is on top of tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. I used a long piece of cucumber as a baran divider, which is topped with egg white dots.

The other side contains some marbled rice balls as planets which I made by adding a drop of food colouring to the white rice before molding then into shape in cling film.  There are some carrot space ships on the food pick and a cucumber fan, a boiled egg and some lettuce as further decoration. The ET sign/logo is cheese on red pepper.

I have a new way to cut cheese! I used a parchmenting perforating needle pen, from the days when I used to do Pergamano! I actually was never much good at doing the pergamano but the perforating pen had been knocking around in various pencil case and is one of the things I am forever confiscating from my toddler who likes to climb up and get into my craft supplies! So now this item will go into my bento tools! It works like a dream for doing finely cut letters / shapes! Thanks to Pikko from Adventures in Bentomaking who showed how to cut cheese precisely with a toothpick – this is a version of this, just with a finer cutting point. Pikko also gave me the idea to be able to cut the nori very finely with micro-tip scissors or her latest LOST bento.

I am jealous of people who already own the Nori punches, as I am forever wanting to cut tiny dots for the pupils of eyes etc, but now I have found that by using this perforating needle pen carefully, I can also cut out a circle from nori! So until I get round to ordering the nori face punches, I will be content to use this new Pikko cheese cutting method adapted for nori too!

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Alien bento

Alien bento
Alien bento

Today’s bento is part of the Aliens / UFOs / paranormal / Sc-Fi theme. It contains a “Grey” alien made from pressed rice (not grey as in the colour, rather “Grey” as in the type of alien) a rice kawaii mushroom, a carrot and egg kawaii mushroom on a circle of pressed rice and nori, a Surimi fishstick on a food pick, a rice “baran” border with nori stars, an egg and nori “planet” and a spiral cut mini orange with some morello cherries and banana in the fruit section. I also used some pieces of red pepper for added colour and decoration. Underneath the carrot mushroom on the Onigiri circle is egg mayo with carrot mixed in, which is a new discovery – I made this the other day with some other left over bento food, and it was totally delicious. The carrot gives a wonderful crunch to the creamy egg.

This took ages to make (about 1 hour 45) but that includes a kitchen clean up too.

I can’t wait to share this with my toddler at lunch time tomorrow!