Birthday cake preview

shape sorting toy cake crumb-coated
shape sorting toy cake crumb-coated

I started making a birthday cake for my baby who will be 1 in less than 2 hours! (He was born at 3 mins after midnight, good job he wasn’t born on a Leap Year! LOL)

I am making a shape sorting toy cake. I have made the main cake by stacking up 4 plain square cakes and cutting shapes out of the top layer. I also made the shapes to go in the holes (but they don’t really go in, they are slightly larger and it’s for effect, not a real toy, hehe! I have crumb-coated the shapes but not the main cake yet.

Would have carried on but I’ve run out of icing sugar… !

Watch this space to see how it turns out!

Tuna Sushi Rolls

tuna sushi rolls
tuna sushi rolls

I have been looking at Youtube videos – How to make California Rolls and Tiger Rolls and other related videos. I thought, hey, why not give it a shot? I don’t have any Nori (Sheets of dried/toasted seaweed) I don’t have any cucumber or avacado, I don’t even have any spring onion. I don’t have any Red Caviar or wasabi or japanese pickled ginger… I don’t even have any proper sushi rice… I certainly don’t have any raw fish in the house – The shops are all shut cos it’s Sunday, What was I thinking?!?!?

I don’t even have a bamboo mat for doing the rolling!!!

But I’m impatient and willing to look for a workaround… So I boiled up some of the basmati rice, and got a H&M carrier bag and covered it in cling film. I opened a can of tuna and my toddler helped mix mayonnaise into it. I DID buy a jar of red pepper puree last week –  I think the photo is on my Flickr account, so i thought I would try spreading that on, to get a nice bright dash of red. I used a Leek instead of cucumber or spring onion and I chopped a carrot lengthways. These along with the tuna mayo were my filling, and the red pepper paste was spread on the leek.  Then I rolled it up using my “H&M” carrier bag sushi folding mat LOL and compressed it further with my hands along the roll. Then I sprinkled sesame seeds all over it. Cutting it was the tough part. The worst part. the part that made it break into a thousand pieces. The rice was still hot though so I thought that was probably a mistake and also I didn’t compress the rice into a ball before spreading it on the H&M board.

Sushi Plate
Sushi Plate

BUT WHEN I TASTED the ruins of my masterpiece i thought WOW this has got to be the best thing I have ever tasted!!!

So I decided to have another go, this time, the rice was cooler and i compressed it first before spreading on the sushi board. It went a lot better this time and although it still broke up in a few places when I tried to cut it, I did mange to get 4 out of the 7 pieces to be salvage worthy!  The end bit was kind of cool too- A bit like the Tiger Roll with all bits sticking out of the end, looked quite fancy so i left it as a long bit for the sushi plate, which I finished off with a couple of baby sweetcorns and a blob of the red pepper which was a very very interesting flavour – almost a replacement for the pickled ginger!

Then the “ruins” got turned into balls and coated in sesame seeds. Waste not want not, right?! And then I got an idea

Poor mans Furikake snowman
Poor mans Furikake snowman

because I saw the balls were small, medium and large. And then I thought I could make a snowman. I dunno I must be high today. But anyway I stuck some food picks in to try to get them to stack up on top of each other but they were starting to break up and kept falling down, so I had to leave him on his side. He got apple cores for arm, and my toddler helped to cut a triangle nose out of the carrot. and then we put 2 little cake deco balls on for eyes.

So there you have it, classy posh japanese art form inspires a fun activity morning for mum and toddler with tasty results! Not bad considering we just used ingredients we had on hand!

Think Pink Scrolls Bento

Think Pink
Think Pink Click to enlarge

This Bento has been entered into the Think Pink Bento Giveaway

It is a bed of rice, with border of cucumber halves, apple tubes made by using an apple corer on an apple, carrot rings round the apple tubes to give a scroll effect. Rolled up sandwich meat filled with cottage cheese and placed on a food pick. Decorations: hotdogs chopped into flower shapes. To finish, a small dish with petals used for strawberry fromage frais and topped with a mini tartlette paper case containing a marshmallow twist!

This Bento is from 4th February from the old blog and has been nmanually transferred.

A Bento for Buzz!

BUZZ is bringing people together from all over the world!

Buzz Bento
Buzz Bento click to enlarge

This Bento is made up of global ingredients!  Rice at the left side, and to the right is an Iraqi dish called Tapsi which is Aubergines, onions, red pepper and tomatoes, with green beans.

Then, on top there are some Chinese baby sweetcorns, a carrot flower, some Sicilian style garlic cloves, 2 baby tomatoes and a baby red pepper stuffed with soft cheese. The green “grass” is German water cress.

And a BUZZY Bee Choc to complete the theme!

The Dessert is:

Fruit Dessert Bento
Fruit Dessert Bento

A simple fruit selection with Apple slices, fresh strawberries and banana chunky slices. The 3 strawberries in the top left corner are perched on top of a scoop of ice-cream. I know you can’t normally have ice-cream in a bento, but this was being served straight away.

Don’t forget to check out these awesome THERMAL bento boxes which keep foods warm or cold!

Snail Bento

Snail Bento
Snail Bento

Here is a bento from my old blog that  I am manually transferring over to WP.  A snail. This was made by filling the boxwith plain rice. Then I put a piece of spicy sandwich beef on for the snail’s shell, and I used a hotdog cut in half lengthways for the snail’s body and eye stalks. Then I cut slices off another hotdog to make the round eyes. The grass is German watercress and the rest off the decorations are baby tomatoes and cucumber halves. The swirl on the shell is edam cheese. Cheese made backwards LOL