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just bento cookbook
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taiyaki maker
Chokotto Rice Cooker ~ Compact Cooking
Chokotto Rice Cooker ~ Compact Cooking
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Penguin Gummy Candy Maker
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Website to Buy Japanese Snacks? – Yahoo! Answers
I love Japan and what they have to offer, but here in the USA, Japanese snacks http://glicousa.com/where-to-buy.php.
Japanese fans mourn end of ‘Potato Snack‘ through hoarding, online 
One of Japan’s favorite snacks has met an untimely demise due to years of stagnant demand and the weak yen. Izumi Seika Co, the makers of Potato Snack,  
Japanese snacks video 12 – YouTube
Star Wars snacks, Dragonball gum, more Puyo Puyo gummy candy, Evangelion trading cards 
My Food is MOVING. It’s ALIVE! Japanese snacks – YouTube
My Food is MOVING. It’s ALIVE! Japanese snacks  ITS ALIVE- my japanese food is moving