Jimbo bento

jimbo bento
jimbo bento

Today’s Bento is Jimbo from Jimbo and the Jet Set, and completes my 80’s cartoon characters Bento theme week. He is made from cheese, boiled egg, Nori and food colouring. Special thanks to Pikko from Adventures in Bentomaking for uploading her brand new video showing how to cut cheese with a cocktail stick and using templates. Now I just need to find a good way to cut boiled egg! All the sides went raggedy!

I forgot to put Jimbo’s feet on! If you look at the original image he is supposed to have 2 big round white feet, but by the time I realised, I’d given up trying cut any more egg white, it was just not happening for me today!

The Jimbo cheese character is on top of a pressed circle of plain rice, which will go very nicely with the bolognaise sauce in the separate dish.  The sauce is from yesterday evening’s “Tapsi”, an Iraqi dish similar to bolognaise sauce with added fried aubergines and fried potato slices, eaten with rice either mixed in or separate. It’s very delicious and one of my favorite foods of all time along with Moroccan Lamb with prunes, Cauliflower Cheese and Fish and Chips. Not all at the same time LOL 😀

From Wikipedia: “Jimbo and the Jet Set (often shortened to simply Jimbo) is a British animated cartoon series broadcast in the 1980s, featuring the adventures of the eponymous Jimbo, a talking aeroplane. Created by Maddocks Cartoon Productions, it originally ran for 25 episodes between 1985 and 1986.” See the whole Wikipedia entry here.

Disclaimer: I do not own any images of Jimbo and the Jet Set. The work here that is my own is the cutting of the cheese, egg and Nori and the cooking of the egg, rice and brocolli. No copyright infringement intended in any way whatsoever. This Bento was made for fun.

Good Luck Care Bear bento

care bear bento
care bear bento

I’m picking up the 80’s cartoon character theme again, but tying it in with St Patrick’s Day, with a Good Luck Care Bear!

Care Bears were among my favourite cartoons/toys as a kid, along with My Little Pony. I used to have a ceramic pomander of Cheer Bear (the one with the rainbow on his tummy) on my dressing table. I wonder what ever happened to him. I can almost remember the exact smell of the Pot Pourri inside!

Good Luck Bear has a Shamrock on his tummy and seeing as I didn’t get to do any shamrocks yesterday because I was rushing around and ran out of time, I thought it would be a good one to do. It was especially nice this evening to have a stress free creative evening playing with the food and cutters.

I had some green rice left over from yesterday so I used that as a background for the Care Bear and bordered it with spinach. The Care Bear is made out of Cucumber. Special thanks to Bentolicious for showing us we can use cucumber skin effectively to make shapes as seen on this very cute froggies bento as I hadn’t considered using cucumber in this way before!

His tummy, muzzle and eyes are egg white with nori detail.  The rest of the bento is made up of Surimi crabsticks, fashioned into a chequerboard style, pasta and sweetcorn, egg, carrots, cucumber. To finish, pineapple on food picks and apple flowers.

I used this image here on stampaffair.com

From Wikipedia: “Care Bears are a set of characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. The original artwork for the cards was painted by artist Elena Kucharik. The Care Bears appeared in their own television series from 1985 to 1988, in addition to three feature films: The Care Bears Movie (1985), Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986), and The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987).” See the full wikipedia entry here

I remember going to see “The Care Bears Movie”! I must have been about 5 or 6 years old! Now I really am showing my age LOL

Danger Mouse bento

danger mouse bento
danger mouse bento

Continuing the 80’s cartoon characters theme, today’s bento is Danger Mouse!

He is made from pressed rice with meat ears, a cheese eye and a nori seaweed patch. His nose is a Morello cherry. The Danger Mouse logo is cheese on an oval of pressed rice and the gaps are filled in with grapes, broccoli, Surimi pressed fish “crabsticks”, tomatoes, carrot, apple and Wasabi crispy peanuts.

I tried getting the ears and nose of Danger Mouse to fasten on to the head with cocktail sticks but it broke the rice up too much, so i ended up propping the rice balls up on the backgrounds and gap fillers. I would have ideally liked the nose to be higher up, closer to the eyes.

My toddler and I ate this bento straight away! This was the only photo I could get without my little boy’s eager little hands in the pic!

To see original pics of Danger Mouse and find out who he is if you don’t already know see Wikipedia

Do you like bento making? Want to have a go? Why not give it a try and make your own 80’s cartoon character bento! Let me know, I’d love to see some others!

He-Man and Battle Cat tribute bento

he-man and battle cat bento
he-man and battle cat bento

We’ve been discussing 80’s cartoon characters a lot on Buzz, and I got persuaded to do a He-Man Bento! The original He-Man by Mattel looked a bit too difficult to make into a bento but I found this caricature version called a “Mugg” of He-Man created by Rocky Davies, the illustrator and designer, on his website http://nerdorks.blogspot.com/2008/10/ive-been-muggedmighty-muggs.html And this is the image I used as inspiration from the RockyDavies.com website http://www.rockydavies.com/Muggs/Muggs-He-Man.jpg

He has got loads of other awesome characters that he has turned into Muggs, check them out!

My He-Man bento turned out to look like an angry Dora the Explorer in some kind of RPG game, but it was fun to do, though I made it this morning after very few hours of sleep and I’m not a morning person so I let a bad mood get a bit in the way of my creativity when it came to putting the final decorations and touches on, and just ended up putting some carrots round to fill in some of the gaps. Could have done more but realised I had already spent far too long on it really and was getting frustrated especially when I chopped the carrot and a big chunk landed on Battle Cat, sending Nori flying everywhere and bashing his nose out of joint. I made a sword out of carrot too but I ate it because I couldn’t find room to put it in, and it looked more like a dagger than a sword. He-man is made out of cheese, sandwich beef and hard-boiled egg with Nori Seaweed detail and Battle Cat is just made out of cheese and Nori and lots of food colouring!

Anyway I decided in the end the carrots look like the magic powers swirling round when he is changing from Adam into He-Man, so I’ve left it at that.

There is some confusion surrounding who originally created / designed He-Man and the masters of the Universe. See the Wikipedia info here. Roger Sweet was a lead designer at Mattel, who is believed to have orginally designed He-Man.

My own work in this bento is just the cooking of the rice and the cutting of the cheese, meat, carrots and seaweed, and purely for fun! No copyright infringement is intended in any way.