Breakfast Bento

Breakfast Bento
Breakfast Bento

Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful Sunday Morning and what better way to spend it that preparing a Bento style Breakfast?!

Here it is! —->

I made this by pouring some cornflakes into a bowl, and then put some bread in the toaster. While the toast was cooking, I chopped up a banana and a baby orange. Then I put some of the banana and orange pieces onto mini skewers (food picks) and then poured a little bowl of milk. This would work better with yogurt because the milk splashes about too much really. And then finally I spread peanut butter onto the toast and drizzled caramel syrup on it and then cut out little teddy bear shapes with a small cookie cutter. The eyes, nose and mouth are made from sesame seeds, strategically placed, using a food pick and a bit of peanut butter on the end so it sticks – then you can place the seeds without too much difficulty!

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