Moroccan Lamb with Prunes Bento

Moroccan Lamb with Prunes Bento
Moroccan Lamb with Prunes Bento

Usually when my husband cooks, it is so tasty that we end up eating it all straight away with no left overs to spare. However, he purposefully cooked extra this time, seeing as we were cooking for an extra guest and even though this is THE MOST TASTY DISH we have had this year, we were too stuffed full to eat it all up, so I decided to make a bento with the last of it!

I found a recipe which no doubt will taste very similar, but I cannot guarantee that it will taste anywhere near as good as the one my husband made because he doesn’t use a recipe, he does it from memory/instinct/taste! And he uses a secret ingredient (a mixture of special spices) that he got sent in the post from a friend in Iraq! (But I can let you know he put some almonds in it!)

I also was desperate to try out this Japanese Switchback method that I learnt from Graasland which I used on a carrot instead of a cucumber.

The writing on the apple was done with my pergamano perforating needle pen.

Sorry about the lettuce – it is a bit dreary but it is Sunday after all LOL 😀

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  1. Hee, well done! It seems you have a knack with tiny things 😉

    Myself, I would love to try out the switchback cut on a PURPLE carrot… But I haven’t found any here in Holland yet 🙁 Still on the lookout! 🙂

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