Swan Lake Cheese Crisps Bento

Swan Lake Cheese Crisps Bento
Swan Lake Bento

Yesterday I got reeled in to the world of Stumbleupon, where I found out how to make a swan from an apple, and cheese crisps! I have been a little waylaid today too, but this time because I have been watching the Gordon Brown gaffe on Youtube, where he called a pensioner a “bigotted woman”.  Cringeworthy stuff.

I just tried making the cheese crisps now, and wanted to post a pic of them, but as tasty as they are just on their own, I thought I would quickly put together a bento so I am not just posting random cool things, and sticking to my bento theme! So using the same method as for the swan apple, I made a swan from a tomato. And she has just swum through a cucumber heart and cocktail hot-dog rabbit archway on the lake to come and nibble the cheese crisps! Sorry about the blurred picture. Truth be told, I think my camera lens has grease on it from these low-carb cheese crisps… You know, I can just feel the weight dropping off me every time I crunch one of these salty, grilled mouthfuls of deliciousness ! 😛

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  1. Good job on the tomato swan! The cheese crisps would have never made it into our bentos – they would have all been eaten. 🙂

  2. it was soooo difficult to resist them while I was putting the bento together! They lasted long enough to photo and then they were gone hehe!

  3. This looks so good. I almost hate getting into something else to take up my time on the computer, but look what you learned! I might give it a try!

  4. You’re such a clever cookie…and those cheesey biscuits look yum!

    I’ll attempt the same thing with an apple! 😉

  5. TNX for sharing the link to the swan apple! Love how you ‘translated’ it to the swan. I guess one would need to be really skilled to make a radish swan, eh? LOL I’ll go and practice 😉

    I’ve made cheese chips before but it turned soggy in my bento 🙁 They’re best fresh, don’t you think? 😉 It’s a great way to use up grated cheese!

    (Bento #37 with cheese chips)

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