Kawaii Mushroom Sandwich Bento

kawaii mushroom sandwich bento
kawaii mushroom sandwich bento

While I was away in England, I dropped my camera and it broke! 🙁 so now I only have my camera phone to take pics with! The flash comes on about 20 minutes before it takes the picture so apologies for the photo quality! Today’s bento is a cheese and mayo sandwich on brown bread, with broccoli, tomatoes and deep fried aubergines. This one is for my DH and he likes the aubergines to be nice and blackened… almost burnt but we’ll say caramelized for the sake of argument! I used them as baran between the sandwich and the broccoli, seeing as the flavour of the aubergines will probably be more tasty absorbed into the sandwich than the soggy broccoli juice. I am astounded that I was even able to make a bento today, seeing as my fridge is very barebare fridge. Seriously need to go shopping! Looks like we have enough margarine to get us through til winter tho hehe! I also managed to jab one of the food picks down between my nail and my finger, which was sensational! I lost an astonishing amount of blood with that one!

We managed to get back home to Germany before all the UK and German Airports started shutting down due to the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud. We are so blessed to be home and safe. I got back and couldn’t wait to see what I had missed this past week from my bento pals, so I posted my findings here in a Squidoo Lens called  Bento Catch Up which highlights the bento news from 7th -15th April 2010. Check it out because the current bento contests / challenges / giveaways are highlighted in it.

I am always trying to improve my site, so now there are some new tabs on the home page; “Games” which features links to some of the cutest games around and “Harajuku” which is a new promo page for Harajuku Lovers Perfume which I fell in love with while on my trip to England! The Bento Supplies page has also been given a new look to make it easier to navigate and you get to see more products “at a glance” !

I’ll tell you about this Harajuku Lovers Perfume while I am here!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and I am IN LOVE with it!

harajuku lovers perfume baby
Harajuku Lovers Perfume - Baby

This is the Harajuku Lovers perfume by Gwen Stefani. It smells like parma violets! Up til now Kenzo Flower was my favourite, but now I just think the smell of this is so delicious and the packaging and the bottle just feed my addiction to fatally kawaii gorgeousness!

I bought mine in England on my latest trip there, and looks like I paid more than I should have – I should have bought it online to save money. Though to be honest I would have ended up paying a little bit extra and getting the other one that I love as well which is a coconutty smell; “Music” ! I have to collect these (There are 5 to collect; Baby, Music, G, Love and Lil Angel) because once the perfume is gone, you still get to keep the bottles which are these heart-breakingly cute figurines!

Before I go, I would like to give special thanks to Kuusou from Bento Basket, Jenn from Fluteloop, Mombento, Marisa from All in Good Food, Lia from Bentolicious, Natakiya from Bento Anarchy, Debra from HapaBento and BentoBird for some phenomenal Guest Posts. Your guest posts are welcome any time, and it’s a pleasure to have you featured on my blog. :o)