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Zoo-ward Bound
Zoo-ward Bound from Bento Anarchy

Zoo-ward Bound Bento

It was spring break.  It was hot.  It was going to be a long, long week with my daughter and I wanted to pack as much fun into each day as I could.   Thus I came up with a different theme and plan for each day.  Monday was music day, Wednesday was flower day, Thursday was dragon day, Friday was games day. But Tuesday was reserved for the Atlanta zoo.  We were meeting up with friends and everything was planned out.  And then reality hit (around 10 pm Monday night) and I remembered that I had to teach a dance class on Tuesday – and that normally A-chan would be eating a bento lunch at school while I taught.  Ooops.  So then the plan changed a little bit.  I would make a bento like normal only she would get to eat it while watching the dance class.  It worked out well!  As soon as class was over we raced to the car and went to the zoo.   In the bento are the animals that we both love:  she loves monkeys, I love elephants and we both are head over heels for the big cats.

Left to right: Cheese cubes on an elephant pick, fried tofu with parsley sprig and monkey pick, black olives and feta with carrot hearts.  Three tiger onigiri, more parsley, carrot letters and an apple bunny.

The only thing that she didn’t eat was the parsley.  I guess that she thinks green things are only for decoration!

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