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Hi! I’m Lia. I’m a mother of two who lives in Indonesia and I love to make bento for my kids. I always learn something new in bento making, that is probably the reason that makes the process of bento making and bento learning so much fun. I usually prepare the bento in the morning. The cooking itself can be done the night before or from dinner left overs. But all veggies, fruits, and the rice are prepared in the morning.

Animal Friends bento
Animal Friends bento from My Bentolicious

This bento is prepared for a guest post for Bento Box UK. I made 2 animal friends from rice molded by hand. Decorated with nori, crab stick (red part), and pink & white kamaboko. The carrot flowers are made with small flower cutter and a small straw to make the center hole. I am using raw spaghetti sticks to attach the ears and the hearts decoration. That way, you don’t need to worry that the ears and the hearts will fall over. Inside this box : steamed broccoli, flower shapes carrots, baby corns, pork sausages, glass noodle wrapped in thin pork slices, and strawberries.

I’m not a great cook but I always try to put foods that my kids like and decorated in their lunch box so it’s more interesting and fun to bring to school. Although my kids can have their lunch catered for at school, I try as often as I can to prepare their lunch. Hope you can join and share your bento creation with us! Have fun in your bento making 🙂

Lia has her own bento blog here on My Bentolicious

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  1. these animal friends are so charming – they look like shy little mice to me. this post is a great inspiration for people just starting with bento – like lia says, you don’t need to be a great cook (though lia’s food always looks tasty), you just have to take a little time to show the people you are bento-ing for how much you care!

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