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This bento is a Guest Post from Mombento on Livejournal.

I wanted to do another spring themed bento, because the weather is so very lovely here in the Netherlands at the moment. It’s a dinner bento because tomorrow me and my little girl go to a birthday party in the afternoon and I probably won’t have too much time to cook. So this bento is for my five year old and she’ll be having it for tea.

Hapbee Happy Bee Bento
Hapbee Bento

I made some lovely vegetable and tofu curry, which tastes great but didn’t look pretty enough for bento. So I put it under a thin layer of jasmine rice. I lined the box with lettuce, carrots and radishes. The happy bee is made of two coloured egg sheets and nori. The nori was so hard to put on the egg. For some reason it kept curling up… I made eggs with flower shaped yolks with my favourite kitchen tool: the “dreamland egg shaper”. This is a shaper that can turn the yolk of hard boiled eggs into the shape of diamonds, hearts, flowers and stars. I love it. But: cleaning the thing is a lot of work. A LOT of work.

dreamland egg shaper
dreamland egg shaper

My husband doesn’t understand that I spend over an hour boiling eggs. He certainly has a point there but……..well bento-ing isn’t about time saving, is it?

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2 Replies to “Guest Post from Mombento”

  1. i love this bee and your careful nori cutting! wonderful work, and i have been thinking for a long time about splurging on that egg boiling gadget, so it’s nice to see how beautifully it turned out – thanks for this cool guest post!

  2. Hi, Love your bento !!! I have the dreamland egg mold too… but my egg did not turn out nice like yours, the egg white has lots of air bubbles and when I took out the middle mold to pour the egg yolk, it was very difficult to take out the middle mold, and it kind of tear the shape. Do you have any tips to share how yours turn out so nice ? Thanks 🙂

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