Guest Post from Bento Basket

Hi, I’m Kuusou from Bento Basket and I’m happy to be a guest poster this week!  I live in Texas with my hubby and two girls and have been making them bentos for almost a year.  A few months ago I decided to start a blog to share the lunches I make for my family with those who love bento.  Each week day I make four bentos – one each for my husband, girls, and myself.  Most of the time it doesn’t take too long to make all four since I’ve developed a system.

Bento Basket Butterfly
Butterfly Bento by Bento Basket

Today’s bento has homemade steak fingers separated by sakura-shaped carrots, a butterfly-shaped onigiri with various nori decorations, green beans, tomatoes, tamagoyaki, apricots, cranberries, bell peppers, and baby spinach leaves.

One of my favorite time-saving tips is to do some things the night before. For example, cutting out nori and putting it all in a covered container for the morning really helps when I’m in a hurry!  I also have the boxes and supplies set out on the counter so they are all ready at 5:30 am!

Y’all have a great day!