Alien bento

Alien bento
Alien bento

Today’s bento is part of the Aliens / UFOs / paranormal / Sc-Fi theme. It contains a “Grey” alien made from pressed rice (not grey as in the colour, rather “Grey” as in the type of alien) a rice kawaii mushroom, a carrot and egg kawaii mushroom on a circle of pressed rice and nori, a Surimi fishstick on a food pick, a rice “baran” border with nori stars, an egg and nori “planet” and a spiral cut mini orange with some morello cherries and banana in the fruit section. I also used some pieces of red pepper for added colour and decoration. Underneath the carrot mushroom on the Onigiri circle is egg mayo with carrot mixed in, which is a new discovery – I made this the other day with some other left over bento food, and it was totally delicious. The carrot gives a wonderful crunch to the creamy egg.

This took ages to make (about 1 hour 45) but that includes a kitchen clean up too.

I can’t wait to share this with my toddler at lunch time tomorrow!

14 Replies to “Alien bento”

  1. You molded the rice for alien so perfect! I like how you arranged the crab stick slices on the pick and the red mushroom is cute 🙂

  2. thanks Edith and welcome ! 😀 I saw your food art today – the praying mantis is cool too, but the Syringe is my favourite so far, I think. Are you planning on doing any more?

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  4. LOL – my daughters thought your alien looked creepy…that’s a good thing I’m sure! Great job. 🙂

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  6. Egg mayo with carrot does sound good, do you have a recipe? I love the carrot mushroom, any kid would swoon over this lunch!

  7. The crunchy egg mayo just 2 hard boiled eggs, with a dollop of mayonnaise (I would say maybe a large tablespoon, but mine is a squirty bottle, so I just squirted some in!) and then a carrot chopped into little cubes. I made another version yesterday, which had lettuce and cucumber chopped finely and mixed in with it too. I had to go back and make extra! I was proud of myself for eating so much salad – then I realised it was probably quite high in calories due to the mayonnaise… It would not taste the same without it though!

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