Danger Mouse bento

danger mouse bento
danger mouse bento

Continuing the 80’s cartoon characters theme, today’s bento is Danger Mouse!

He is made from pressed rice with meat ears, a cheese eye and a nori seaweed patch. His nose is a Morello cherry. The Danger Mouse logo is cheese on an oval of pressed rice and the gaps are filled in with grapes, broccoli, Surimi pressed fish “crabsticks”, tomatoes, carrot, apple and Wasabi crispy peanuts.

I tried getting the ears and nose of Danger Mouse to fasten on to the head with cocktail sticks but it broke the rice up too much, so i ended up propping the rice balls up on the backgrounds and gap fillers. I would have ideally liked the nose to be higher up, closer to the eyes.

My toddler and I ate this bento straight away! This was the only photo I could get without my little boy’s eager little hands in the pic!

To see original pics of Danger Mouse and find out who he is if you don’t already know see Wikipedia

Do you like bento making? Want to have a go? Why not give it a try and make your own 80’s cartoon character bento! Let me know, I’d love to see some others!

6 Replies to “Danger Mouse bento”

  1. I love Dangermouse! What a great job. 🙂 What fun to go through the 80's cartoon characters. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! Yes it is fun, but I can't decide which one to do next!! :o)

  3. I love this DangerMouse, I just wish I could have eaten him. Sorry it took me a few days to find him. Well done Bento, made to order!!!!!

  4. Glad you like him! Wanted to do Batfink as well, but same prob as Inspector
    Gadget – No Grey foodstuff! BTW we got a big Salmon – we've eaten half of it

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