He-Man and Battle Cat tribute bento

he-man and battle cat bento
he-man and battle cat bento

We’ve been discussing 80’s cartoon characters a lot on Buzz, and I got persuaded to do a He-Man Bento! The original He-Man by Mattel looked a bit too difficult to make into a bento but I found this caricature version called a “Mugg” of He-Man created by Rocky Davies, the illustrator and designer, on his website http://nerdorks.blogspot.com/2008/10/ive-been-muggedmighty-muggs.html And this is the image I used as inspiration from the RockyDavies.com website http://www.rockydavies.com/Muggs/Muggs-He-Man.jpg

He has got loads of other awesome characters that he has turned into Muggs, check them out!

My He-Man bento turned out to look like an angry Dora the Explorer in some kind of RPG game, but it was fun to do, though I made it this morning after very few hours of sleep and I’m not a morning person so I let a bad mood get a bit in the way of my creativity when it came to putting the final decorations and touches on, and just ended up putting some carrots round to fill in some of the gaps. Could have done more but realised I had already spent far too long on it really and was getting frustrated especially when I chopped the carrot and a big chunk landed on Battle Cat, sending Nori flying everywhere and bashing his nose out of joint. I made a sword out of carrot too but I ate it because I couldn’t find room to put it in, and it looked more like a dagger than a sword. He-man is made out of cheese, sandwich beef and hard-boiled egg with Nori Seaweed detail and Battle Cat is just made out of cheese and Nori and lots of food colouring!

Anyway I decided in the end the carrots look like the magic powers swirling round when he is changing from Adam into He-Man, so I’ve left it at that.

There is some confusion surrounding who originally created / designed He-Man and the masters of the Universe. See the Wikipedia info here. Roger Sweet was a lead designer at Mattel, who is believed to have orginally designed He-Man.

My own work in this bento is just the cooking of the rice and the cutting of the cheese, meat, carrots and seaweed, and purely for fun! No copyright infringement is intended in any way.

8 Replies to “He-Man and Battle Cat tribute bento”

  1. That is a sensational He-man, true to the original. I always thought that He-Man was a little bit camp and I think that your creation reflects that. As for your frustration in creating this, well good art is the creation of the troubled soul.

  2. Aww that's amazing!! I love it….what are you gonna do next, you could do an eighties cartoon themed week lol x

  3. thanks so much! Haha – By the Power of greysword I think you are right!! :o)

  4. thanks :o) Well now I've really got my work cut out for me! Ok then, send in your suggestions ! :o)

  5. thanks very much! How did you find my site? Are you a bento maker? Or a Twitterer or a Buzzard? Nice to meet you and thanks for your comment

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