bento news 30 May 2013

Imperial Bento Chinese restaurant to close in Peterborough – Jofftastic
I’ve heard on the twitter grape vine courtesy of @journocameron that Imperial Bento Chinese restaurant on Broadway, Peterborough is to close for good.…/imperial-bento-chinese-restaurant-to-cl……
What bento box ideas with pork & chilli meatballs and/or smoked 
I had a wonderful time bargain-hunting in my local Tocso today! My bento box bento box is dinner leftovers (or fresh) and u can have anything in it and if u…

Bento Boxes for Real Food on the Road | Fishsticks Designs Blog
I have plans for a series on family travel to start soon, but I promised that I’d share this sweet littlebento box this week! Isn’t it perfect for a family full of…/bento-boxes-for-real-food-on-t…

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