Oktoberfest heart bento

oktoberfest heart bento
Oktoberfest Heart Bento

Yesterday I mentioned Oktoberfest and how I love the colourful gingerbread hearts (Lebkuchenherzen) which gave me an idea for today’s bento! Of course this one is not made of gingerbread; it is a meat sandwich on brown bread cut into a heart shape and decorated with coloured cheese hearts, flowers, leaves and a bow. The swirly lace / icing and white writing is actually mayonnaise (Thanks Diane for your suggestion!) I put a couple of spoonfuls into a homemade piping bag and squished and squeezed away, finally adding a drop of blue colouring for the extra layer of swirly “icing” for the edge.

“i mog di” is Bavarian for “I love you”!

4 Replies to “Oktoberfest heart bento”

  1. Mayonnaise for icing is an awesome idea! I’ve been racking my brains for a non-sweet substitute for icing. Thanks for the tip! I love the cheese decorations!

  2. lol I was thinking mayo but did not say it because I didn’t know if it would stay thick enough by the time you ate it…way to go!

  3. That is so adorable and inspiring! It’s a good thing I saw this post on LiveJournal because my RSS feed of your blog hasn’t shown me your new posts!

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