It’s a Piece of Cake Bento

piece of cake bento
Piece of Cake Bento

It’s a bento! It’s not a real piece of cake! It’s curry flavoured rice, topped with mayo and the “Dolly Mixtures” sweeties on top are made from boiled egg whites, chopped into shapes and coloured with food colouring!

Not exactly a piece of cake to create, but lots of fun! I’d better go and clean up my kitchen now! 😀

9 Replies to “It’s a Piece of Cake Bento”

  1. @ Mombento Thanks for the Wow! 😀
    @ Sheri thanks, it is the first time I have tried colouring egg white by soaking it in food colouring and water – I was not sure how deep the shades would be so it was more by luck than judgement they turned out just the shades I needed LOL 😀
    @ Mommyof2girlz Thank you! Your comment has made my day! 😀
    @KidsDreamWork Fooled you! LOL thanks! yes it would be cool to play a trick on someone with it! 😛

  2. Adorable–I love this idea! Looks great, Asfora and so playfully creative 🙂

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