Love Bento

Love Bento
Love Bento

Today’s bento features 2 little white bear characters and a love heart, all made out of rice with a tomato heart over the rice heart, and the bears’ noses are made out of sweetcorn, which I had to rescue from the kitchen sink after my toddler poured the full dish of it in there. Yeah nice!The bow is made from tomato skin and the eyes on the girl bear are sultanas and the eyes on the boy bear are cake decorations – call me a cheat, I had fiddled with cutting up sultanas for far too long and they kept sticking to my gloves (I have to wear cotton gloves and latex free gloves due to skin allergies when I come into contact with certain foods)

Then I got a fork shaped cookie cutter to make the feet out of carrot slices, so the bear characters have night bright weird shaped feet – like ducks’ webbed feet, so this technique could be used if I ever want to do a duck bento!

All this was on a bed of iceberg lettuce (healthy or what today?!?!) And the 2 yellow stars are cookie-cuttered out of omelette. I had tried getting nice egg monkeys from a jungle play doh set by pouring egg white into the play doh mould and microwaving it, but it was rather a disaster… But fun to mess with and at least I know what doesn’t work! I think I’ll leave the monkeys for my toddler – he seems to have much more success with it than I did!

I also tried poaching an egg into a bear shape but it just all fell to bits – think I should have buttered the poaching cup first… Ah well it still tasted nice!

So I am thinking now that I should invest in some proper Bento Tools (like this Bento Tool Box Set), a Rice Mold in various shapes and some nice little cutters to do carrot stars.

So that was my hour of fun today! Looking forward to seeing the other bentos on twitter later today!

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  1. Oh wow! Too cute to eat!! But it’s a great way to get children to enjoy eating…I must try it with my nephews!

  2. Thanks Yvonne! I have checked out your scrapbooking site and it’s awesome – you have some gorgeous stuff on there, very creative! I’ve subscribed! :o)

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