The Strongest Link Bento

The Weakest Link Bento
The Weakest Link Bento

I made this bento for my DH who wasn’t home for dinner today. I had done well to remember to get chicken out of the freezer this morning but as 5pm approached, I still had not got a clue what to do with it. Luckily, my good Blogger, Twitter and Flylady friend @dianedenmark jumped to my rescue and suggested making chicken dippers, by cutting the chicken into strips, dipping them in egg and then coating with breadcrumbs, frying then putting them in the oven to finish! It sounded easy and tasty so I gave it a go, and ended up with these savoury treats.¬† A big thank you for the idea Diane, it was a hit with me and the kids and DH has just come home and seen the dippers and they were well received with flattering comments, so although I’d be happy to take all the credit :P, I’ll pass some of the Kudos your way too! ūüėÄ

This bento contains 2 onigiri pressed rice balls with nori seaweed hearts, some apple and carrot, and chicken dippers with lettuce.

I was going to call this bento “The weakest link” seeing as I made some carrots¬† all linking together in a chain and it was the first phrase that sprang to mind, but after thinking about it, “Weakest” sounds a bit negative and today has been a really positive and jolly day, weatherwise, moodwise¬† and mental health wise! I have kept on top of the housework, did some jobs that I’d been procrastinating on, had a lovely play session with the kids outside in the¬† sunshine, and even managed to do a little bit of weeding. So this bento deserves to have a more positive, powerful, go-getting name, especially seeing as it was Diane’s idea to make the main ingredient of the bento dish! And she is a very “strong link” to the FlyLady world, and to the realm of Motivation and Creativity! Be sure to check out DianeDenmark’s Blog – Each day there is a theme, such as Pampering, Laughter, Recipes, Crafts, Music, you even get a Scaredy-Cat challenge that you can join in with!

3 Replies to “The Strongest Link Bento”

  1. Thanks again for the mention, sweetie pie! Yes, indeed, we do need a Mutual Appreciation Society, maybe a joint blog! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the chicken – a firm favourite at our house. And LOVE the name of your bento – positive is the only way, in my opinion!

  2. You’re welcome! A joint blog, interesting idea! Let me know if you wanna brainstorm! It’s Friday! That can only mean one thing…Pizza! :o)

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