Teaching Assistant Keyworker Planner Journal Inserts

Teaching Assistant planner is designed by a TA who works in a secondary school in UK. The booklet can be used on its own or can be used in a Traveller’s Notebook style cover. Please contact me for a sample and to customise your order, for example to let me know your school term dates and whether you would like to change section names. Sections can be left blank for confidential use.

The product you are purchasing is 8 pdf download files, printable on 8 sheets double sided which creates a 32 page booklet when folded in half. Please note Etsy maximum file upload is 5 so I can email you the others. It is highly recommended to contact me before purchase so I can customise and send a sample.

You will also receive simplified print instructions.

This purchase includes:
Cover page
My Timetable and Index
Year at a Glance
Term Dates
Review Days
Parents Evenings
Staff Meetings
Training Days
School Trips
House Points tracker
Master Checklist
Key Students’ list of subjects and teachers
Key Students’ timetables
Assembly Dates
Diary Dates / School Events
Phonecall Log
Handy Phone Numbers
Key Worker – Student list
6 calendars – 1 for each half term (month over 2 pages) – Please contact me to let me know your term dates so I can enter them for you!
Back Page

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Calculate pages for a booklet for Traveller’s Notebook inserts

I love a maths challenge!

So my friend wanted to print a booklet of weekly inserts starting from March and finishing at the end of July. This is not too difficult to calculate as we know 1 week fits on 2 pages. And we know 2 pages is 1 sheet. As long as we know that 1 single sided sheet = 2 pages and 1 double sided sheet = 4 pages (and that 1 week fits on 2 pages) all we need to do is account for the 1st page (front cover) and last page (back cover)

so the formula is ….

let n = the number of weeks

let s = the number of sheets

let p = the number of pages

if n is even

s = n/2

p = 4s

if n is odd



So far, simple, right?

The challenge comes when we want to insert a monthly decoration page between each month, essentially a blank page after every 4 or 5 weeks… depending on how many weeks there are in the month!

It was like solving a rubies cube… every time we inserted an extra page at the beginning, we wound up with a page out of place in the other half of the booklet.

So here is the solution:

We count the number of weeks from the beginning of March until the end of July (23 weeks)

Then we count a monthly separator as 1 week. (we don’t count March as this is already accounted for in the formula because the first page is the front cover)

so April, May, June and July = 4 extra “weeks”

We convert the weeks and extra “weeks” to sheets.

23 weeks plus 4 extra “weeks”  = 27

use formula : 27 is odd so add 1 = 28

then divide by 2 = 14 sheets

So now we know we need to print on 14 sheets. and this will give us 4 times as many pages. (56)


Left side Right side
Sheet 1 Side1 56 blank 1 FC MARCH
Sheet 1 Side 2 2 mt 55 fn
Sheet 2 Side1 54 mt 3 fn
Sheet 2 Side 2 4 mt 53 fn
Sheet 3 Side1 52 mt 5 fn
Sheet 3 Side 2 6 mt 51 fn
Sheet 4 Side1 50 mt 7 fn
Sheet 4 Side 2 8 mt 49 fn
Sheet 5 Side1 48 mt 9 fn
Sheet 5 Side 2 10 mt 47 fn
Sheet 6 Side1 46 mt 11 fn
Sheet 6 Side 2 12 blank 45 MS JUL
Sheet 7 Side1 44 blank 13 MS APRIL
Sheet 7 Side 2 14 mt 43 fn
Sheet 8 Side1 42 mt 15 fn
Sheet 8 Side 2 16 mt 41 fn
Sheet 9 Side1 40 mt 17. Fn
Sheet 9 Side 2 18 mt 39 fn
Sheet 10 Side1 38 mt 19 fn
Sheet 10 Side 2 20 mt 37 fn
Sheet 11 Side1 36 mt 21 fn
Sheet 11 Side 2 22 blank 35 MS JUN
Sheet 12 Side1 34 blank 23 MS MAY
Sheet 12 Side 2 24 mt 33 fn
Sheet 13 Side1 32 mt 25 fn
Sheet 13 Side 2 26 mt 31 fn
Sheet 14 Side1 30 mt 27 fn
Sheet 14 Side 2 28 mt 29 fn


mt = Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs

fn = Fri, Sat, Sun, Notes

ms = monthly separator

As you can clearly see from the table, 9 sheets ( shown in green ) are identical (both sides) apart from the page numbers.

Only Sheets 1, 6, 7, 11 and 12 (shown in red) require one side to be printed with the blank left and decoration on the right, while the reverse side will be printed with the weekly spread.

Hope you find this information useful !

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