Confetti bento

Confetti Bento

Confetti Bento

Today’s bento is tiny! The loaf of bread was diddy and even more so once I had cut off the crusts! It fits so snugly into this tiny little box! It is a PB&J sandwich with a chequered apple and heart and cheese confetti.

You could surprise your darling with one of these on your Wedding Anniversary, or even make 50 of them for the guests at your wedding as wedding party favours! Just an idea!

I made this mainly to try out my new coloured cheese. I prepared the cheese yesterday by spreading 4 different food colourings on to a sheet of cheese and then putting it back into the packet to let the colours dry off / soak in. So when I came to cut out the shapes today with my pergamano needle pen on the reverse of the cheese, it was so easy! No mess, no drips, no sleeve accidents! This bento took less than 5 mins to make! I will have to do this kind more often! 😀 It’s not really a full meal, due to the size, but it should qualify as a snack bento. Snackaben. 😀

Brides to be, don’t attempt colouring the cheese whilst wearing your wedding dress!  😀

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  1. Thanks Diane! I sometimes make bento for myself, but usually for the kids! My 14 mth old loves onigiri (the pressed rice balls or other shapes) and cucumber bits and my nearly-3-year-old loves the cheese shapes and carrot bits. I usually end up with the lettuce and all the off cuts and scraps! 😀 Today’s bento is one I made for my dinner in my new bento box – not yet uploaded the post, but watch this space! 😀

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