Chicken and Sweetcorn Pancakes

Chicken and Sweetcorn Dropped Scones

Chicken and Sweetcorn Dropped Scones

I made these for dinner this evening but there are a few spare ones which could go in a bento! I got my inspiration for this one from @allingoodfood42 ‘s post on Home Made Easy Loaded Chicken Pancakes

I used a Be-ro recipe for Dropped Scones for the the batter (but omitted the sugar) and put cooked diced chicken seasoned with Chicken Seasoning, and a handful of tinned sweetcorn in to the batter before cooking them in a hot non-stick frying pan.  These were yummy but very filling! You don’t need many of these!

3 thoughts on “Chicken and Sweetcorn Pancakes

  1. Too yummy! I was craving sweetcorn tonight and made an omelet with plenty of scallions and corn, now I’d like to finish up with some of these pancakes! 😀

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