Manga / Anime bento

manga anime bento

manga anime bento

This is from weeks ago – must have forgotten to click “published” as I found it in my drafts… weird

I’ve been a fan of the manga / anime style for a few years. I learnt how to draw a basic manga face from a “How to Draw Manga” book, a few years ago. I haven’t drawn or sketched in a long time, but I decided to see if I could refresh my memory and make a Manga style cartoon character out of cheese for my bento. So I had some fun this afternoon, with my parchment pergamano perforating pen, and of course lashings of food colouring. I made a caulifower in cheese sauce to sit at the right hand side in a scooped out green pepper (not having any lettuce again, and having run out of broccoli… sigh! ) Then there was not much room for much fruit, just a few apple segments. Today nothing went right really, because the dishwasher wouldn’t work – Put it on last night but it just sat there defiantly refusing to wash the pots, so this morning I had to either wash everything by hand (not my style!) or wait for it to get fixed…so the pots are still waiting to be rescued from their filthy state, and I have to keep going in there to get a spoon or plate or whatever to wash it by hand… I suppose I will have to eventually get the whole lot out and do it. Can’t someone else do it?! And then my camera kept taking fuzzy/blurry pics… yeah I know a bad workman blames his tools…but I can’t understand why I have been able to get crisp photos in the past and now I can’t. Winge over! I must remember to be grateful that I have the priviledge of hot running water, a luxury that I often take for granted. In some countries, they have to wash their pots using water pumped from a well, if they even have access to water that is. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Maybe I WILL go and wash those pots now and stop being so ungrateful! 😀

8 thoughts on “Manga / Anime bento

  1. My drawing is awful, my daughter is great in drawing cartoon character. So nice to see this bento … lucky you found it! Great idea to use green pepper as a cup 🙂 Have a nice weekend Asfora!

  2. I think you’ve done this one before…I remember the girl character because she was so well done!

    It’s nice to see her again. 🙂

  3. Thanks Kuusou, Maybe I only posted it to the blogger one and forgot to publish it to the wordpress one – I found it in my Drafts folder! 😀 Have a good weekend! 😀

  4. Thanks Lia, your daughter gets her creative talent from you for certain, and I am sure your drawing is great – Your bento are definitely works of art! You too, have a lovely weekend! 😀

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