Snails with Sunglasses bento

snails with sunglasses bento

snails with sunglasses bento

Today’s bento was quite a quick one with no planning really – I just had to make some lunch and found some large pasta snail shells (lumaconi) in my cupboard that I thought would be tasty with tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. So I made them into snails with sunglasses on (nori stars) and cucumber bodies. Here they are munching on the carrots, turning them into flowers.  Sorry about the photo, it came out a bit blurry today!

To see step-by-step instructions on how to make this bento, please visit my new “Squidoo page”  Thanks especially to @gotfaeries / @kawaiibentoclub on Twitter for introducing me to Squidoo. Check out the Kawaii Bento Club on Facebook too, it’s brand new!

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