Easter Egg and Kawaii Mushroom bento

Easter egg and kawaii mushroom bento

Easter egg and kawaii mushroom bento

Well this has got to be the bento that has taken the longest – over 1 hour – and I haven’t cleaned up the kitchen yet! I got so engrossed in what I was doing. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to make but I had to go to the supermarket to get some bread and milk because the shops are all shut here on Sundays. And I really wanted to get some greenery. They didn’t have any cucumbers or lettuce so I got spinach and grapes! I started moulding the rice in the cling film and started making a rectangle but I spotted some of the “Bunte Eier” that I’d also bought (store bought pre-boiled eggs, brightly coloured) and I suddenly decided to make an easter egg shape.  I put thin Nori Seaweed strips round and put little butterflies on for decoration using a craft punch. I put some Surimi crabsticks together and tied them in a bundle with the Nori. I put some more of the Surimi onto a food pick and I made a radish into a kawaii mushroom by digging out a hole for an apple tube to go in. Then I put some carrot “sweets/cracker/bows” on for decoration. At the right hand side is a mushroom made of rice and again using a tube of apple for the core, some juicy green grapes and a food pick with 4 “Sauerkirschen” (Morello Cherries) to finish.

I just had an awesome time making this! It’s pretty cool how you can eat the scraps as you go along and not have to worry about the calories! :o)

3 thoughts on “Easter Egg and Kawaii Mushroom bento

  1. Well.. mostly barging in to tell you that your link works now 🙂 And that this is awesome (but I've already said that *L*)

    And also.. that book you're touting.. are you the writer or is it just because it's about bentos? I'm VERY tempted to buy it *L* it would make a nice addition to my ever-growing collection of bento books.. But as much as I like buying them, I enjoy buying them even more if I sorta “know” the author… ( and now don't just say “yea it's me” if it isn't.. *L* Not that I seriously think you would *L*)

  2. Hi TrekkieGrrrl
    I'm so glad the link is working at last, I hope it's here to stay now! About
    the book that I'm touting, LOL I'm not the author, I am just advertising it
    because I am an affiliate of Amazon! I like it better than Adsense – it is
    more controllable because I decide which product to advertise. I try to make
    sure the item is relative to the post of course :o)
    thanks for your lovely comments and don't forget to check out the new
    Danger Mouse Bento – new blog post created today! :o)

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