Robot Birthday Cake

Robot Birthday Cake

Robot Birthday Cake

Here is the finished Robot birthday cake for tomorrow’s party.  I got the idea from Betty Crocker Cakes on on the Youtube video here.

Check out the related videos too, there are some really awesome ones like a castle and a princess one and a mermaid! The turtle one and the duck one are also pretty cool and I was going to do the duck one last week but ended up “inventing” my own – the shape sorting one instead.

In the video for the robot they just used 1 cake but I have quite a few guests invited and I was unsure whether that would be enough cake to go round all those hungry little mouths, so I made my robot cake out of 2 oblong cakes, leaving the first one full sized and using a third of the second one for the base/feet and then about half of the second for the head. The recipe I used for the cakes is the trusty old madeira cake recipe from Be-Ro 8oz S R flour, 5oz butter, 5oz sugar and 3 eggs, doubled up. I cannot get SR flour here of course in Germany so I used 1 packet of Baking Powder.  The frosting is 750g powdered sugar, 230g marg and a little milk and a dash of blue food colouring to give it a metallic look.  The kids are going to have to brush their teeth about 3 times after this one; look at all the sweets used as decorations! The roller wheels are made out of “oreo style” biscuits :o)

Had lots of fun making it. It was also lots of fun when I had just cracked the eggs to start baking it and found out my oven was broken! My DH managed to fix it for me within a couple of hours luckily, so we didn’t have to cancel the party! You can’t have a birthday party without a cake now can you?!

Oh my, I have just remembered! I have not made the jelly yet! Must do that and get it in the fridge. So much to do,  so little time!

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