Beef bento Charaben

Beef bento Charaben

Beef bento Charaben

This bento is rice pressed into triangle shapes (onigiri) and I did this by getting a handful of rice and wrapping it up in cling film and pressing and squishing it into shape with my hands.  Then I got an eggplant / aubergine and cut strips of the skin to make the facial features and hair. I didn’t cooked these so they are not really edible bits of this particular bento. I used food picks to hold the “hair” on and they Charabens ended up with cool little “horns”. I like how one looks really frustrated and like he’s concentrating really hard trying to get the carrot off his forehead, while the smaller one at the back is all comfy and warm, hiding behind the red pepper “fan” and giggling at him.

The rest of the bento is made up of lettuce, carrot, red and green pepper and the eggplant / aubergine fried up. At the back are 2 Minced beef “cubes”. I carved them from a block of frozen, pressed minced beef. If you do this, please be very careful, I nearly lost an eye and a finger. The worst damage was to my rubber glove which got snagged by the pointy end of the knife!

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