Weepul Bento Sandwich Topper

Weepul Bento

Weepul Bento

I was looking at Bentovention’s site the other day and noticed that her Makkuro Kurosuke (Susuwatari) bento characters reminded me of those Weepul pom-pom stickers that you used to see everywhere in the 80’s.



So I thought I would make my own “Weepul sticker” out of rice and cheese! I coloured the rice purple by mixing red and blue food colouring, made the eyes from some egg white and used a hole punch on the Nori seaweed for the pupils. The cheese letters for “Have a nice lunch” were cut free hand using my pergamano needle pen. You can learn how I do my cheese colouring on my Cheese Food Colouring Bento Tutorial

This was fun and simple to do and although it’s not really a full bento today, it’s still a nice Sandwich Topper decoration to brighten up lunch! I have put this on “What’s for Lunch Wednesday” – Go have a look it’s like a bento party where you can show off your Wednesday Bento!

Did you know? I love puzzles! I love rubiks cubes, logic problems, jigsaws etc. I also love Moroccan Tilework which is called “Zelij” or (Zellij / Zellig / Zellige).  I wanted to try and do some kind of swirly mosaic and was entranced by this “How to draw Zellij” Tutorial

Islamic Tile

I ended up reading about Wang tiles / Wang Dominoes and aperiodic tiling, Penrose tiles and Quasicrystals…!

rhombsTo keep things simple, I decided to go with these Penrose Tiles to make a “tile and dart” design, from coloured cheese. It was only to experiment and play really, but I ended up making it into a Bento by adding some of the home made pizza and Ginger and Choc Chip cookies (from my trusty Be-Ro recipe Book!) that I had made previously the same day.

Penrose Tiles bento

Penrose Tiles bento

Happy Anti-Procrastination Day! Here is the special pen I use to cut my cheese:

8 thoughts on “Weepul Bento Sandwich Topper

  1. OMG I remember those, wow there is an 80’s flash back..lol Love it! And your tile work is gorgeous, that must have took forever to cut out.

  2. I LOVE the tiling on your bento!!! I never thought of making a quisicrystal bento, thats an awesome idea! I’m a physics grad student and my master’s thesis was a molecular dynamics study of the friction on quasicrystal surfaces. Looks like all of that tiling theory might actually come in handy some day. Lol!

  3. I remember these funny things from my childhood. I like your bento-idea of them. It is good to see the good old sandwich in a nicer bentoish style;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by with your tips on treating eczema…we’re at the point where we’ll try anything.

    Your bentos are so cute…I wish I could find a local store that has these tools so I could look at them in person.

  5. I had one of those!!! I did not know what they were called though, it is just adorable!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week! :o)

  6. Oh yes, I have one too! Now I know what they are called! 😀
    Your weepul bento is just so cute! Love the big eyes and fluffy feel of the weepul. 🙂

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