Cupcake Bento

Cupcake bento

Cupcake bento

It’s not a real cupcake – it’s a slice of apple in the shape of a cupcake with cheese on top! 😀

There is tuna-mayo underneath the cupcake, and to the side are some rice ball mushrooms / toadstools.

I was really scratching around for ingredients today to be honest. The radishes have gone and the black olives had an incident this morning at 8am – they got yanked out of the fridge and ended up all over the kitchen floor (not mentioning any names but watch my eyes! *Looks over at baby*) 😀

So I ended up putting some digestive biscuits in there to fill in some space – they are at the back, which you cannot see in this picture, but you can in the full, zoomed out  photo.

Cupcake bento

Cupcake bento

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Have a great Anti-Procrastination Day! 😀

12 thoughts on “Cupcake Bento

  1. Thanks very much Lia, Kuusou, Lyndsey and Jenn for your compliments! 😀 It was a fun one to do but the pressure was on considering lack of ingredients!

  2. thanks! it was a normal sized apple though – I find it’s always difficult to guage how big a bento is from the photos! The lion one I made was tiny – would fit in the palm of your hand but in the photos it looks like a regular bento I think! 😀

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